Tourism for Petrolhead (ep. 1): a day in Stuttgart


De-containment, finally we are there. Two weeks which finally turned into 2 long months. It must be said that very few people would have bet on such a devastating pandemic … This period was for many of my colleagues and myself the opportunity to think of new content, new ideas to share with you on the blog. If “the pattern of the day” seems to be well taken up with you, what could be better than thinking about your next petrolhead days once the last restrictions are lifted? First proposal: a busy day across the Rhine.

As indicated in the title, the program that you will discover below is of course aimed at petrolheads, the real ones, the only ones, the furry ones, those who willingly give up a family day to go and discover what the region visited can offer better in terms of experience around the automobile. If we will of course be able to deal with the question of the most beautiful roads to drive at the wheel of your favorite sports car later, I would first like to offer you an experience open to everyone. Small bonus for those who do not want to get angry with Madame, everything is doable with family!

Morning: Strasbourg> Mercedes-Benz Museum

It all takes one day, but only on two conditions:
– you have to get up early
– you must take the unlimited highway sections once the border is crossed

After a short night and a quickly dispatched breakfast around Strasbourg, do not ask too many questions and quickly take the Rhine bridge to cross Kehl and join the B28 which will take you directly on the A5 in the direction of Karlsruhe. You'd better be awake because we quickly get to the heart of the matter after an unlimited first portion to Baden-Baden, about thirty kilometers to get you started. Continue on the A5 for another thirty kilometers and join the A8 in the direction of Stuttgart, then quietly follow your GPS to reach 100, Mercedesstraße in Stuttgart which is none other than the address of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The whole is a little less than 160 kms, well motivated, there is less than 1.5 hours, or even less if you are frankly well motivated, and you especially have the right tool.

Once there, no less than 17,000 m2 of exhibition space on 9 floors is available to you, from the beginnings of Carl Benz’s Patent Motorwagen to the latest F1s of the Petronas Mercedes AMG team, by the way by the imposing Mercedes Unimog, everything is there. Count easily 2 hours to go around it quietly and not miss any of the exhibition rooms of which here is a first overview.

Lunch break: Mercedes-Benz Museum> Motorworld Böblingen

An essential place in the region for all lovers of beautiful bodywork. The place includes several dealerships (McLaren, Bentley, Lamborghini & Ferrari among others) as well as a hotel entirely dedicated to the automobile (the V8 hotel). But the most impressive are these legendary cars, overpriced, arranged in glass cases and left in plain sight. A sort of luxury discount for enthusiasts with well-filled pockets. There are also several shops and a charming brasserie which will serve you the best Pils of the region.

Afternoon: Motorworld Böblingen> Porsche Museum

After having greedily swallowed your half liter of Pils, make sure you are in a condition to get back behind the wheel and head towards this charming village that is Zuffenhausen where even the firefighters drive in Porsche (Cayenne). It must be said that this city is almost entirely dedicated to the German brand with in its center, a roundabout whose totem sports life-size models. You will also find there the 911 factory, a large Porsche dealership where some 918s regularly come for the annual service, as well as the Museum, a true architectural masterpiece. Born in 2009, it is much less imposing than the Mercedes-Benz Museum but visiting it remains a special experience. Around 80 models can be admired on 2 levels, with a theme exhibition that changes regularly. From PMA (Porsche with Front Engine) to 24h of Le Mans, there is plenty to do. Allow a good hour to visit the museum, go through the shop to buy some reduced models that are missing from your collection and allow another 45 minutes to tour the surroundings. During the week, the camouflaged prototypes mingle with the 911s awaiting delivery, parked everywhere around.

Practical details:

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Motorworld Böblingen

Porsche Museum

A full day, where your exhilaration of speed as well as your thirst for car culture will be satisfied. You just have to wait "maybe" this summer to try the experience. Do not hesitate to tell us if you liked this format, in which case we will extend the format. 🙂

Photo credits: Maurice Cernay

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