New Volvo V90 B5 test: the same only better


After a successful roadtrip to Netherlands in Volvo V90 D5 4 years ago, the little update of the Swedish station wagon caught my eye. Try it out …

Already well born, the Volvo V90 has not aged a bit. However, after already 5 years of career, the 2021 vintage is getting a little makeover. We thus discover a few slightly revised lines. The grille is evolving finely and it will take an expert eye to spot the new front bumpers and fog lights. At the rear, it is even less obvious, only the lights benefit from a change by adopting a new full LED signature and a scrolling indicator. Finally, as at every mid-career, the catalog of paint and rims is seen a little enriched.

On board, again, why change a recipe that works? The design of the dashboard and the instrumentation remain very modern. The 9-inch tablet-like screen remains the same and the ergonomics are still on top – after a few days of handling. Well seated in seats with irreproachable comfort and support, in addition to being nicely designed, we appreciate this refined and luxurious style. In the back, the passengers also enjoy a very interesting space – apart from the central place almost blocked by the transmission tunnel – and the trunk does not move at 560 L (1526 L). The only changes are more discreet. Indeed, the superb Bowers & Wilkins audio system evolves smoothly with, for example, new speakers or a new “Jazz” atmosphere. It is also possible to opt for an air purifier which controls the quality of the interior air and empties the cabin of almost all fine particles.

Since 2016, it is mainly Volvo engines that have evolved; the micro-hybridization identified "B" has been seen to appear by the Scandinavian manufacturer. It was then that I chose the B5 block that I had encountered during my journey from 5000 km towards Gothenburg with the XC60 B5. By replacing the D5 diesel engine, we still retain the power of 235 horsepower. Above all, Volvo's 48V system makes the whole thing more efficient and flexible. Unfortunately, the black point of the Volvo 4 cylinders remains: the diesel slams too hard. When fully charged, the car is far too noisy and becomes almost unpleasant for the ears. Fortunately the Geartronic 8 box, always in the game, does a good job and avoids, in addition, bad jolts. It is fluid and shows itself smart by placing reports at the right time.

The pleasure of checking the miles behind the wheel of a Volvo is there. We obviously thank the piloted suspensions which still preserve the vertebrae as well, but also the quiet ride at stabilized speed. Comfort is no longer to be proven as one feels at ease, at the controls, as as a passenger. The brand's philosophy is once again well represented by displaying a soothing amenity, which is very pleasant. While the atmosphere and settings tend to be more calm and smooth, when it comes to picking up the pace, the V90 is still bluffing dynamism. Already by its acceleration (0 to 100 km / h in 7.1s) and relaunches (thanks to the 480 Nm of torque), but also by its very informative direction. We can feel what is going on under our wheels, and of course we have grip to spare. Road holding is exemplary, and the virtual absence of body roll offers trips full of serenity.

As a bonus, as you can see in the pictures, the test drive of the Volvo V90 B5 turned into cross-country skiing. Even without its adventurer's outfit, our station wagon retains its 4-wheel drive and driving on snow becomes a formality. By staying focused on the road, it does not suffer from untimely slips and is even very reassuring.

With the disappearance of the S90 and V90 Cross-Country in France, and the reduction in the supply of engines, the pricing grid has been greatly reduced. In Momentum finish and equipped with the 197 hp B4, the call price is € 56,050. The B5 R-Design model here starts at € 69,450. By adding a few options (metallic paint at € 1,100, sunroof at € 1,800, leather interior at € 1,620, audio at € 3,220) we reach an order form of € 84,065. With 159 g / km of C0² for our model (options included), the 2021 penalty is € 1,386. To stay in the figures, consumption seems a little more contained. A varied course gives an average of 7l / 100 km.

You saw it in the title, this Volvo V90 B5 MY21 is the same, only better. Always beautiful. Always comfortable. Always dynamic. So if the German or even French proposals are not for you, the Volvo V90 is a nice alternative. A touch of originality on top of that!

Photo credit: Thomas D. (Fast Auto)

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