Georide2: Georide spends the second


GeoRide announced its new box yesterday GeoRide 2 which allows – in particular – to follow a vehicle such as a motorbike or a car, but also other functions that we explain to you here!

GeoRide 2 – Functions and new features

The approach of Georide is a box connected to the 12v battery of your vehicle (rather motorcycle oriented but also installable on a car), which embeds Internet and GPS connectivity.

GeoRide already offered in version 1 of the box the following functions:

  • GPS tracker (location of the motorcycle and recording of journeys)
  • Connected alarm (non-audible) by detection of vibrations or drops
  • Fall detector (can warn your loved ones if necessary)
  • Social network for bikers

For those who are nostalgic, we installed with my friend Léo this box on his motorbike. end of 2018 !

New in this “v2” case

  • French design (with the design office Inodesign)
  • More compact, more resistant, better sealing case
  • Automatic locking / unlocking of the protection thanks to a Bluetooth Low Energy key badge (BLE)
  • Lower power consumption therefore less impact on the battery
  • Configurable circuit breaker cutting GeoRide 2 if your motorcycle battery drains too much (avoids being unable to start)
  • Audible alarm 100 decibels
  • 4G LTE-M network with Matoomaa which allows increased connectivity indoors (parking lots etc)
  • Soldered / embedded SIM card
  • Integration of Galileo, positioning system developed by the European Union (horizontal accuracy of less than 4 meters and vertical of less than 8 meters)
  • Tilt sensor
  • Thermometer (if your vehicle burns…)
  • Integrated Bluetooth connectivity allowing updates and why not in the future other things.

The presentation video

We feel that Steve Jobs inspired Walane

What do we think?

With GeoRide, here is the answer to the fear of many bikers: getting stung on his motorcycle. But also the fear of many spouses: and if something happens to him, how would i know ?

The product – already from its V1 – responded to it thanks to the connected alarm part which notifies you if someone touches or gets on the motorcycle, and the fall detector.

GeoRide is quite simple to install since you just have to connect it to your battery, and after that it is used a little without thinking.

We like the product and the energy of Walane, who founded the box.

How much does it cost?

The GeoRide 2 case is sold for 269 euros.

Then to use it you need a subscription at 5 euros per month (for Europe / 43 countries) which allows you to finance the DATA subscription necessary for operation and of course also the work of the team which is working to develop and improve the service. There is also a World subscription for 7 euros / month which covers 178 countries.

The state of the market and the competition

The market for “GPS trackers” and “motorcycle locks” have been around for years and often this has paid a high price, for example with the brand's products & subscriptions “Trackerwhich by the way does not publish its prices.

There have also been many motorcycle alarms like the classics at home for years Tecno Globe but with 8 products in the catalog and a not very sexy site, good luck to make your choice. And some of these products are not "connected" so it only makes your bike ring.

But Startups also arrive on the market, we can talk about Watchdog System, a physical lock (disc lock) connected in LORA .. and sold for the consequent sum of 489 euros… And which I believe is still not out (I had pre-ordered one but I canceled feeling coming endless delays) . You will also find on the Invoxia sector, who for 99 euros sells a standalone tracker (on its own battery) but I had read customer reviews that scared me.

A little more modern on paper, Monimoto which I had not heard of before today, sells a tracker with bluetooth keychain for 199 euros.

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