Ferrari 812 “Competizione”: der des ders?


It's a little music that we hear often, for several years now. Big naturally aspirated engines are over. For V12s, the requiem should take place within a year or two. The count is quite fast, there are only 2 left in production: that of the Lamborghini Aventador and the Ferrari that equips the GTC4 Lusso and the 812 Superfast, while waiting for Aston Martin to finally deliver its fantastic Valkyrie, an anachronistic car. it is.

In short, all that to say that the traditional hard core version of the great Ferrari GT sounds like swansong, before hybridization and / or turbo for its replacement. So let's take advantage of what should come through the front door among the nicest Ferraris to hear in the Monaco tunnel.

Since the 599 GTO, the recipe is simple: sportier, more powerful, more radical, more exuberant, more expensive, more rare, and more and more. The F12 TdF had transformed the F12 Berlinetta much more visibly than the GTO, the 812 Competizione goes even further.

The V12 gains 30 horsepower thanks to a jump in the maximum speed of 1000 revolutions / minute to peak at 9500. The brilliant Italian engineers have reworked everything, everything optimized, to please future speculators conductors. Revised admission, reduced friction, lighter moving parts, everything has been carefully scrutinized, even the injection which reduces emissions (for those who are interested in such a car which will run so little). The gearbox is the same as on the Superfast but it is 5% faster.

The style of the car has undergone profound changes. The Ferrari styling center gave its GT significantly more efficient aerodynamics, with the enormous diffuser being one of the centerpieces. The engine cover loses its glass in favor of an aluminum cover which generates vortices to improve air sliding. The spoiler takes height and dominates huge extractors as well as a revised exhaust, with particularly original square outlets. The sides are very worked to draw sublime hips above the wheel arches.

Up front, the headlights lose their air intakes, displaced in the shield whose protruding blade could have some difficulty in passing the reclining gendarmes. Mandatory lift for lovers of offbeat cruising. A single air intake at the front, this is unprecedented, will try to calm the engine via a revised cooling system.

Performance side, Ferrari announces 1,487kg dry is not far from 1,600kg in real life. It’s heavy but not that much since the Competizione would shoot down the 0 to 100km in 2.85 seconds and the 0 to 200km / h in 7.5 seconds.

The Competizione offers a novelty in terms of steering: the rear wheels turn, as on the Superfast, but they can turn asynchronously. The agility promises to be spectacular.

But the chef's surprise comes from the simultaneous presentation of the “Competizione A” version. It’s the same car but in Targa version. If the style of Competizione had seduced when the first images were broadcast, the reception given to Competizione A seems unanimous: it is very beautiful. Those who signed a purchase order probably long enough ago may be happy with their choice. If they keep it, they will enjoy a beautiful toy, if they resell it, they will make money (boo, that's wrong). The only one who could take it wrong is the owner of the F12 TRS, the family resemblance being quite obvious in my opinion.

Production (already sold in all likelihood) is limited but Ferrari has not communicated, neither on the number nor on how much. Those who don't yet know will only be able to try and find a second-hand one anyway, so what's the point?

Photo credit: Ferrari

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