BMW i4 & iX: more info!


The BMW Group's annual conference brought a whole host of declarations and novelties. We will focus on two in particular: the first images of the i4 and the pricing of the iX.

Let's start with i4. It has been teased, camouflaged, announced, but now comes the time for the first official images. We will not have much else to offer you, BMW having been more succinct in its press release … We just know that the 530 hp of this Gran Coupé will allow it to go from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds and that the range can go up to 590 km WLTP. Promising figures! And we're also excited to hear that an M version is in the works, and I'm buying it. Let's enjoy the rest of the beautiful bodywork: yes, the controversial grille is present, but I still find it not that shocking, especially with this less aggressive shield than the thermal versions. For the rest, the proportions resume for my greatest pleasure those of its predecessor, of which you can find the test here in 435i.

BMW's second big announcement is about a slightly more… controversial vehicle: the BMW iX.


Well. Regarding the exterior design, I'll just say that gray suits it better than white. What interests us today is the formalization of the launch range and their prices. The BMW iX, therefore, will be offered in two versions, soberly called xDrive40 and xDrive50 – as for theAudi e-tron, the term "xDrive" or "quattro" is frankly usurped, since there is no mechanical link between the front and rear axles: the four-wheel drive being obtained by an electric motor on each axis. For the xDrive40, BMW announces 300 cumulative hp, enough to promise a 0 to 100 “in just over 6.0 seconds”. On the battery side, its 70 kWh capacity gives the right, thanks to a very interesting average consumption “less than 20 kWh per 100 km”, to a range exceeding 400 km. On the charging side, the BMW iX xDrive40 can handle up to 150 kW of power, allowing it to gain 90 km in 10 minutes and to regain 70% of the battery in less than 40 minutes.

The xDrive50 version strengthens the game a bit, this time with 500 hp and a 0 to 100 sent in less than 5 seconds. Here too, a fairly impressive consumption (around 21 kWh / 100 km) would allow more than 600 km WLTP to be drawn from the enormous 100 kWh battery. The charging capacity follows, with a maximum power increased to 200 kW, enough to promise the same charging times as its little brother.

Let's talk little talk about money: the BMW iX will arrive at the end of the year with the two versions presented above. The xDrive40 will start at € 86,250 (the same price, according to the press release, as an equivalent X5 hybrid) and the xDrive50 will start at € 103,500. In the meantime, you can configure the… thing by clicking just here.

Via BMW.

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